A Little About Sigmoid

What is this blog all about?

Sigmoid is a blog intended to elaborate on the stories of how a newbie hack with no formal experience starts out exploring the wonderful world of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I intend to post about my experiences and the projects I’m working on!

Why keep the name Sigmod?

Sigmoid is a mathematical function that has a characteristic “S” sort of a shape. It looks pretty dope. In machine learning, a Support Vector Machine uses several kernels to transform its myriad set of data points into a more workable form - ie. Higher Dimentional Spaces, with a hope that in higher dimentional spaces, the datapoints would become more distinct and seperable (2D is kind of a bitch to work with). The sigmoid kernel was inspired from Neural Networks and can be used to localize data in a [-1,1] n-dimensional range along that “S” sort of curve.

Overall, in sigmoid, the hyperplane looks really cool and curvy and thus it’s the name of this blog! So Welcome!

Written on June 10, 2018